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Affinity HR Group provides a wide variety of resources to help keep its members informed of important HR and management related topics. If there’s a question you’d like to have us answer, e-mail your question to us at

Monday HR Minute

Affinity HR Group's Monday HR Minute is designed to provide you with practical, applicable human resources and management advice and information in a format that will take you 60 seconds or less to read. Click here to see our most recent Monday HR Minute.

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Affinity HR Group is dedicated to providing ongoing resources related to HR and management.Read what our experts have to say on topics that will help you manage your workforce.

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We regularly answer client questions relating to managing employees and complying with state and federal law.Click here to read our most recent Q&A or to submit your own question.

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Press Coverage

Check out Affinity HR Group’s press coverage and read quotes from our expert consultants.

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Our Book

Check out Claudia St. John's new book: Transforming Teams - Tips for Improving Collaboration and Building Trust

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