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Do you know how well your
Personal Lines Customer Service candidate fits in?

The Personal Lines Customer Service TriMetrix DNA Gap Assessment costs $336 for each candidate tested.

Purchase the BIG I NY Personal Lines Customer Service Assessment $336

As any agency owner will tell you, hiring the right talent is critical. But, how do you know when you've found the right one? BIG I NY has partnered with Affinity HR Group to develop an industry position profile that identifies the skills, behaviors and motivators critical to success.

When purchasing the Personal Lines Customer Service assessment, you will be able to compare your candidate to the ideal BIG I NY profile developed by a team of experts in the industry.

Here's how it works. When you purchase the assessment:

  • You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase, along with a unique, password-protected link to the TriMetrix DNA assessment and a set of instructions to send to your Personal Lines Customer Service candidate. They will complete the assessment online.
  • Once your candidate completes the assessment, you will receive the results (called a TriMerix DNA “Gap Report”), that assess how the candidate’s behaviors, motivators, and skills compare to the industry benchmark and what “gaps” or areas of improvement exist.

About the assessment: The TriMetrix DNA Assessment contains the following:

  • A DISC-based Behavioral assessment that describes how an individual will perform
  • A Spranger-based Driving Forces assessment that illuminates what motivates an individual's behavior
  • A DNA-Based Skills Inventory that captures what this individual “has done” in 25 research-based competencies that relate to the business environment

Your candidate's results will be compared to the industry benchmark so that you will be able to see both your candidate's results and the results developed by BIG I NY.

Should you need additional assistance in interpreting your candidate’s reports, Affinity HR Group can provide a personal debrief for a fee. The BIG I NY Personal Lines Customer Service Position Benchmark is administered by Affinity HR Group, LLC. If you have any questions, please contact or call Affinity HR Group at 877-660-6400.

Purchase the BIG I NY Personal Lines Customer Service Assessment $336