Our Presentations

Affinity HR Group is on hand to deliver keynote speeches and workshops on a wide range of management and human resources topics. Our professional speakers keep the content relevant and audiences engaged. Below is a listing of our topics with brief descriptions. We also develop and deliver presentations on a wide variety of management and HR topics. To discuss our additional offerings, please call us at 1-877-660-6400 or email us at contact@affinityHRgroup.com.

The Badger and the Coyote – lessons on embracing differences

In the natural world, diverse eco-systems are the ones that thrive and survive – homogenous ones die. Taking lessons from nature, The Badger and the Coyote presents lessons on diversity, interpersonal communication preferences and the virtues of “flexing your style.”

Working with Style – keys for improving workplace communication

Sales and customer service teams not working well together? Executive team members having trouble communicating? Wondering who to hire, who to promote and who to fire? Working with Style presents the concept of behavioral style preferences and their profound impact on interpersonal communication and competency. Presentation includes use of the TTI Insights DISC Style Assessment.

Ready! Steady! Engage! – ways to improve workplace strength through employee engagement

Study after study reveals that employee engagement is directly linked to increased productivity, profitability and client satisfaction. How can you improve employee engagement? Ready! Steady! Engage explores the components of employee engagement and includes tips for helping organizations reach their full potential.

To Friend or Foe – social media in the workplace

Tweeting on company time? Co-workers “friending” and “un-friending” each other? Employees sending out premature status updates? In the fast-paced world of Web 2.0, To Friend or Foe presents the opportunities and challenges offered by social media in the workplace. Includes an overview of legal trends and best practices for corporate social media.

Leading the Pack – leadership skills for everyday leaders

Whether you are the Chairman of the Board or Chairman of the office “Sunshine Committee,” the skills presented in Leading the Pack will help you build trust, improve communication and develop the leadership skills that all organizations need.

Trust and the Golden Rule – chicken soup for company health

What are the components of trust? How do you build it and how do you restore it when it has been broken? In Trust and the Golden Rule, we discuss what it means to be a trusting organization and how you can establish a culture of trust.

Hire Right – tips for successful in-house recruitment

Finding top talent is a challenge, particularly if recruiting isn’t your core competency. With the tips and techniques presented in Hire Right, you can improve your recruitment practices and avoid some common sourcing and legal mishaps that can occur with in-house recruiting.

When I Was Your Age – generations in the workplace

Baby-boomers are working later in life than the generations that preceded them. At the same time, tech-savvy Generation Y employees are entering the workforce, challenging traditional norms of workplace management, communication and motivation. When I Was Your Age explores generational differences and similarities related to values, skills and experiences and presents ways to ensure a more inclusive and productive work environment for all.

Measuring your EQ – emotional intelligence in the workplace

Most businesses today are structured in a way that requires decision making, both large and small, at all levels of the organization. Measuring your EQ explores the "Emotion Quotient" – the five areas that determine ability to understand oneself and others. Participants learn how their emotions influence their choices so that they can make educated, sound decisions with their head, instead of just their heart. Can be offered in cooperation with the TTI Emotional Quotient personal assessment.

Superior Sales Skills – assessing your selling ability

Do you have an A team sales force? Do they understand the sales process? Do they recognize the unique features of each sales opportunity and respond accordingly? Superior Sales Skills explores the seven steps in the sales process and explores how proven top sales professionals responded to unique sales situations. Participants will identify areas of excellence and opportunities for growth. Works in cooperation with the TTI Success Insights Sales assessment.

What’s Your Attitude? – personal motivators and differences of opinions

Have you ever been stuck in a situation because of a difference of opinion? Does your colleague see the world differently from you? What’s Your Attitude explores the driving force behind personal motivators and helps participants to understand their own attitudes and the attitudes that drive the life, actions and decisions of others. Can be offered in conjunction with the TTI Workplace Motivators assessment.

Boardrooms and Baby Bottles – a working mother’s journey

Client deliverables, board presentations and end-of-year crunch time – these are the challenges of every-day professionals. Add to this a no-show babysitter, a child’s bout of croup and a hamper full of laundry and you have the life of a modern-day working mom. Boardrooms and Baby Bottles explores the miracle of working mothers and hard-learned keys for success, balance and satisfaction.