Affinity HR Services

Affinity HR Group is a benefit and resource program designed for the purpose of helping Trade Associations in their member recruitment and retention efforts. Staffed by senior HR professionals, Affinity HR Group works with associations to responde to their members when they need assistance in dealing with their human resources challenges.

For Trade Associations

We know the challenges Trade Associations face when trying to attract and retain member companies. Our services are designed with these challenges in mind. Affinity HR Group LLC is structured to reinforce the connection between Association and member by establishing the Association as the go-to source of information and help when members need HR assistance.

We are also able to provide Associations with much needed content for their publications, education and training and member conferences and meetings.

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For Association Members

If you are like most small or mid-sized businesses, finding appropriate support and assistance when faced with a difficult personnel issue can be challenging and expensive. Fortunately, because of your affiliation with your Trade Association, you have an expert resource that is on hand to tackle your difficult “people issues” and is also affordable.

Our team of consultants includes certified HR specialists, compensation specialists, senior HR strategists, health and welfare consultants, recruiters and labor attorneys. We are on hand to help you...

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